Text Quest

How do I get started?

Go to the Show Me the Quests page and select the one that interests you. Enter your team name and your details as team captain. Then enter the details for any other players.
When your payment has been accepted, an information email is sent to all the email addresses with full details and the start location. A welcome text is sent to all the phone numbers entered. Reply 'Start' to the welcome text when you are at the start location.

How much does it cost to send an answer text?

We do not make a charge so it will only cost your usual text rate. If you have a contract with unlimited texts, then it will be free. Anyone in your team can send the answer, so it makes sense to use the cheapest phone.

We are visiting the UK. Can we use non-UK mobile phones?

We can only send and receive texts from UK mobile phones, sorry. But you have 2 alternatives.
(1) You can do a picture quest in London, Oxford, Southampton or Portsmouth or one of the Mystery quests in London, Oxford, Bath or Salisbury. Just give your email address when entering your team details, and leave the phone area blank.
(2) You can get a free pay-as-you-go SIM card and put it into your own phone. You will need to add money, usually £10, but this will be useful while you are in the UK. Tesco and giffgaff have excellent deals.

How much walking is involved?

Quests are usually around 3 miles. You can take breaks during the quest so you don't need to be super-fit.

How long do quests take?

If you look at the Leader Board page, this will give you an idea of times. Some people whizz round in an hour but most take 1.5 to 2 hours.

My information email has not arrived. I checked that the address was correct. What has happened?

First, check in your spam or junk folder, in case it has been stored there. If not, it may just be delayed.
Usually emails arrive immediately, but on occasion they are delayed by up to an hour. This is due to your email provider and we have no control over this, unfortunately.
If it hasn't arrived within another hour, please contact us on 07876 207725 and we will check the address and send it again.

I want to surprise my friend with a quest. How can I sign them up without spoiling the surprise?

Select your quest and sign up with your own details. That way, you will receive the information email and you can check that you understand everything.
Then when you are ready to go, open the 'Edit Team' page, find your team details and add your friend's mobile number.
They will get the welcome text and then you are off and away!

My information email or welcome text has been deleted or has got lost amongst other messages.

You can request that they are sent again. Go to the 'Edit Team' page and find your team details.
Click 'Send Texts Again' or 'Send Emails Again'.

Is it safe to give you mobile numbers and email addresses?

We will only use your mobile numbers for the quest and your email addresses to send you information about starting the quest and your results.
We will never pass on your information to anyone else. Mobile numbers and email addresses are deleted after you finish your quest.

After sending an answer, how long will it be until we get the next clue?

It should only be a few seconds, but this depends on network availability. If it takes more than a few seconds, try finding an area with better reception.

There is a group of us and we want to split into teams and race each other. How do we do that?

Select the quest that you all want to do, then on the Quest Selected page, enter your group name. Click the Enter Group Details button and enter each team of 2, 3 or 4.
The charges for each team will be added up and you can pay for them all together.
Please note that you can only add groups on a pc or laptop, not on mobile phones.

We want to add another team to our group. How do we do that?

First, add and pay for the team as normal. Then open the Edit Team page for the new team. Type the name of the group next to the Add Team to Group button and click the button.

Do we have to do the quest on the same day that we sign up?

No, there is no rush. You can start the quest at any time, up to 3 months after you sign up.

Are the quests suitable for people in wheelchairs and families with pushchairs?

The quests marked with should be ok, as they don't involve steps.
They have not all been tested yet though, so if you have a wheelchair or pushchair, then please try them and let us know how you found it. We are always grateful for feedback.

Why can't we take a break after a wrong answer?

We can only stop the clock with a right answer because we couldn't work out the times correctly otherwise. The time stored for each clue is from when it is sent to when the right answer is received.
However, if you are not racing and don't mind what your final time is, then you can just stop for a break whenever you want to.