How do I get started?

I bought a voucher from Groupon. What do I do now?

How much does it cost to send an answer text?

We are visiting the UK. Can we use non-UK mobile phones?

How much walking is involved?

How long do quests take?

My information email has not arrived. I checked that the address was correct. What has happened?

I want to surprise my friend with a quest. How can I sign them up without spoiling the surprise?

My information email or welcome text has been deleted or has got lost amongst other messages.

Is it safe to give you mobile numbers and email addresses?

After sending an answer, how long will it be until we get the next clue?

There is a group of us and we want to split into teams and race each other. How do we do that?

We want to add another team to our group. How do we do that?

Do we have to do the quest on the same day that we sign up?

Are the quests suitable for people in wheelchairs and families with pushchairs?

Why can't we take a break after a wrong answer?