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TeamQuestTeam TimePositionOut Of
Willy Beth ToursDelightful Salisbury1 hr 20 mins 44 secs26286
Brown MoleExplore Southampton2 hrs 27 mins 13 secs79214
HuntersDelightful Salisbury1 hr 25 mins 57 secs37286
Edyta Old GirlsBewitching Bath2 hrs 8 mins 26 secs50128
The Clueless drunks Charming, Cheerful, Chill Chichester59 mins 31 secs4226
Team InternationalOxford-Rich in Art and History1 hr 22 mins 20 secs748
IngramsBath - Step Back in Time1 hr 35 mins 13 secs57246
ReehannaUnmask the Bath Bank Robbers53 mins 44 secs17120
The Romsey Musketeers Spy Quest - Expose the Wessex Weasel1 hr 20 mins 4 secs220
JimbobOxford is Beautiful1 hr 15 mins 26 secs418
Camilla Massoud TeamBath - Step Back in Time1 hr 19 mins 34 secs27246
DemsoucheMystery Quest - Death in the Dockyard1 hr 48 mins 51 secs1026
TevnahUnravel the Oxford Bank Mystery1 hr 20 mins 9 secs728

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