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Latest Results

TeamQuestTeam TimePositionOut Of
Ellis enquirersAdventures in Guildford1 hr 2 mins 45 secs28154
Mia’s Maverick’s Solve the Salisbury Bank Mystery1 hr 34 mins 20 secs4198
Corina HeinleinOxford is Beautiful1 hr 48 mins 59 secs924
Team HateBeguiling Bournemouth1 hr 13 mins 9 secs12188
TBCSlaughter on the Waterfront1 hr 27 mins 44 secs214
MoullinsLondon Family Quest1 hr 19 mins 1 secs1844
Bricks before ChicksMystery Quest - The Quayside Killer1 hr 40 mins 32 secs1026
The SiftiesThe Maid, the Page and the Butler1 hr 22 mins 50 secs114
Xmas bonniesOxford is Beautiful1 hr 8 mins 6 secs324
LoversThatAreBrothersPiccadilly Puzzler1 hr 22 mins 18 secs45212

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