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Fun Quiz - Inspired by Richard Osman's House of Games!

Solve each of the 3 puzzles by matching pairs. One answer will be left over each time. For the final puzzle, what do the three left over answers have in common.

Rhyme Time

Pair the answers that rhyme and reveal the odd one out.

A violin Played at the Proms - Land of ---- --- ----- He danced with Ann Widdecombe
In the centre The largest city in Pennsylvania A childish word for stomach
The film with Woody and Buzz A pudding that wobbles Swans and giraffes have this in common

Odd One Out:

King of the Jumble

Pair the answers that are anagrams of each other and reveal the odd one out.

Robbie's song, often played at weddings: The scientific word for rainbows The answer, my friend, is ------- in the wind
Sprinkle with water (rhymes with dash) NaCl in water A square has 4 right ------
They are soft and cover the floor Little green men You can play outside on a ------- green or inside in a ------- alley

Odd One Out:

Highbrow Lowbrow

Find the answers to these highbrow and lowbrow questions, pair the same answers and reveal the odd one out.

She was friends with Ron and Harry A New York nightclub, popular during Prohibition, the ------ Club A model of the start of the universe is the --- bang theory
The Canadian rapper who recorded One Dance Hardy's heroine who loved Angel Clare Dot's surname (at the start of Eastenders)
She presents Strictly, with Claudia The Queen in The Winter's Tale by Shakespeare He explored in the Golden Hind

Odd One Out:

What do the odd answers from Rhyme Time, Jumble and Highbrow/Lowbrow have in common?:

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