Text Quest

Our average Friends and Family score is 9.17 out of 10!

We had a wonderful time on the Piccadilly Puzzler today!! Thanks x
We enjoyed our quest and will be doing another one soon.
Great walk, not too long but just long enough that we wolfed down a cream tea afterwards!
It was a great way to get to know each other. We talked a lot on the way round and he saw some clues that I missed and vice versa. Lovely afternoon, thanks. AJ
I bought this as a Christmas present for my family, they loved it!
Great fun, thanks. We did have some 'Aha!' moments when we felt quite chuffed.
It ended up quite competitive but really good fun!
Very fun! They had a choice of 2 difficulties and we went for the harder one - it really was a challenge!
Absolutely fantastic, highly recommend this.
Was super fun and entertaining and we would do another.
Fantastic day out. We really look forward to doing the next one. Great way to see London. Top marks !!
I went with my grandchildren 10 & 16 and we all had fun, exercise and learnt some of the history of our city. It was the best 2 hours we have spent in years.
It was great fun and everyone enjoyed it! What a fun way to see the sights! Could not recommend this enough.
We had an amazing time and laughed a lot. I liked that we could take a break and sit down have a drink and then carry on. Would highly recommend this to everyone.
My family and I had a fantastic time doing the hunt in Brighton and we are definitely going to be doing more in different locations.

Competition Entries-Who Would You Go On A Quest With?
Never heard of text quest before, Sounds like something we would adore! The person I would most like to go on a quest with is my wife, the lady who thoroughly completes my life! We would sniff out the clues, And Through a town we would muse!... Loving the sights on the way! Through Southampton where we met, and married.. now 3 children doing fine....... So lets go on a quest ..and see the best... Sights the city has to offer! In a new way we will look...... Seeing paths we once took.... of love and memories of before, now and after Poem by Lee Stewart, our competition winner
The person I would most like to go on a quest with is Tom because we both love an adventure, we work well as a couple and we are new to Portsmouth so it would give us a chance to explore the area. -KO
The person I would most like to go on a quest with is my boyfriend Ben because we enjoy doing random different things that are adventurous, and visiting cities around the country. I met him a year ago on Tuesday and it's been the best year of my life.-KS
The person I would most like to go on a quest with is Mark because we are a great couple and love new adventures.-HJ
The person I would most like to go on a quest with is Jack Sparrow because that broken compass and copious amount of rum will come in handy!-CO
The person I would most like to go on a quest with is Sherlock Holmes because he is both incredibly sexy but is also very clever and will find a way to make sure we never get lost.
The person I'd most like to take is my 7 year old son as he loves hearing and discovering new parts of the city he is growing up in. DY