Text Quest

What Is A Text Quest?

Text Quest is a fun way of exploring a city. Your team will receive a clue to your phones with directions to a place and a puzzle to crack. Reply with the right answer, then get the next clue.

You can play against other teams and make it a race, or you can amble round together at your own pace and take in the sights.

Our aim is for you to enjoy your quest, especially the exciting 'Aha' moments when you solve a clue.

Your team's time is shown on the leader board, so you get bragging rights if you are fast!

You can play on your own, or with as many team mates as you can round up. But we think the most enjoyable quests are with 2 to 4 people. Clues are sent to up to 4 phones at once

Quests will have around 20 clues and will take up to 2 hours, depending on the speed of your team.

You can take a break at any time during the quest by texting the word ‘break’ with a correct answer.

For quests using texts, only UK telephone numbers, starting with 07 or +447, can be used. Mystery and picture quests use web pages for the clues so they can be played on any phone. This is indicated for each quest.

Quests suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs are indicated with

How Do I Get Started?

Click Book My Quest, choose your city and then select the one that intrigues you. Enter your team name and your details as team captain. Then fill in the details of your team mates and click Continue.

When your payment has been accepted, an information email is sent to all the email addresses with full details and the start location. A welcome text is sent to all the phones. Reply 'Start' to the welcome text or click the Start button, when you are at the start location.

You Text

We Reply


Start First clue, or next clue after a break
Right answer Next clue
Right answer – space - Break "Take a break and text Start when you are ready for the next clue." We may include suggestions for cafes or pubs close by to relax in.
Quit or Refund The quest is ended. If three clues or fewer have been given, the team will receive a full refund within 3 working days. If more than three clues have been solved, then your time is calculated from the average time and your team will appear on the leader board.
Wrong answer “Sorry, that is wrong. Please try again” 5 minutes added to your time
Wrong answer – space - Break “Sorry, that is wrong. Keep looking and you can take a break soon!” 5 minutes added to your time
Hint Help in solving the current clue 5 minutes added to your time
Skip Next clue 15 minutes added to your time

How Much Does It Cost?

Quests usually cost £16 per team, up to 4 people. You can pay using Visa, Mastercard or Maestro Debit and Credit cards.


Refunds can be requested before your quest, up to a month after paying. Before you start the quest, use the 'Edit Your Team' page to request a refund. During the quest, if you have had 3 clues or fewer, text 'Refund' to get a full refund.

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