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Text Quest

Beguiling Bournemouth

This enjoyable quest will lead you through some beautiful parts of this vibrant and welcoming town. Solve the clues and see where they take you.
We offer 2 versions of this quest, text based or web based. If your team all have phones with web browsing, we recommend the web based quest.
Difficulty Medium. The clues will lead you to the right area but you may need to search carefully for the answers. The web version includes some fun puzzles. The route is mostly a pleasant walk, but there are some steep hills and some steps in Bournemouth.
Length This quest has 20 clues and takes up to 2 hours, depending on the speed of the group.
Start and End the entrance to Bournemouth Pier
Start Time You may go on your quest at any time as there are no restrictions.
Cost £16 per team ( 1 to 4 phones )