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Adventures in Guildford

This inspiring quest explores the graceful city of Guildford, home to Lewis Carroll. This is a fun challenge for everyone, especially lovers of literature, fanatic quizzers and art addicts.
We offer 2 versions of this quest, text based or web based. If your team all have phones with web browsing, we recommend the web based quest.
Difficulty Gentle - Most clues are straightforward though a couple are a bit cryptic. The web version includes some fun puzzles. The route is a pleasant stroll, though there are some hills in Guildford.Text Quest
Length This quest has 21 clues and takes 1 to 2 hours, depending on the speed of the group.
Start and End Guildford Castle
Start Time You may go on your quest at any time as there are no restrictions.
Cost £16 per team ( 1 to 4 phones )
Text Quest